Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some Thoughts on Energy Work

This past weekend I attended the LDS Holistic Living Conference. About half the classes were on things like herbs, natural baking and soap making. The other half were on energy healing and self improvement. I felt uncomfortable with some things I saw and heard discussed.
Today on a facebook group I am on someone brought up energy healing in particular and I felt prompted to share my thoughts regarding this controversial subject for many Christians. When I was done with my post I felt prompted to share it here as well. I've modified it to make it a bit more general in regards to faith and a bit more specific when it comes to my personal feelings on the dangers of self help movements and energy work.

I mean all that I say here in the kindest possible way. I wish only to see others come to Christ and in these days things can be very confusing. A lot of churches have strict definitions as to what priest craft is to keep members safe, the LDS Church, while very well organized, is not as strict when it comes to things like self help, energy work, tarot cards, etc. although these are generally discouraged. It is a matter usually left up to personal revelation and local leaders. I've seen many dismiss their local leaders as being "too narrow minded" or "it's because he's a lawyer and he doesn't understand" etc.

I came to Mormonism after spending years in paganism and new age. I was a columnist for SageWoman magazine and I have a Master's degree in Women's Spirituality from Sophia College of Palo Alto, CA. I'm grateful for the Mormon women who were practicing energy work and similar practices, who first got me involved in the Church, however, I have seen literally DOZENS of women go astray with these practices.

It begins with self help movement things that aren't Church approved or that don't follow what Christ laid out for us. This then moves into energy work, chakras, nature worship/veneration, Ayurveda and before you know it eternal families are torn apart and Christ is left on the road side while mom chases a mortal guru.
I'm not saying this happens in every case, certainly, but I do think it is playing with fire and you have to be very, very, very careful not to get burned. Energy work, like meditation, can be so helpful but it can also be a HUGE doorway to Satan if you're not constantly vigilant and always putting Church teachings, scriptures, the Priesthood, the atonement, etc. first and foremost in your life.

Case in point, if you carry around cards, literature or etc. about energy healing in your purse but do not carry any scripture material that you are reading equally as frequently - this, in my opinion, would be an issue.

If you're calling your energy worker before you call your priesthood holder for a blessing, this can be a problem.

If you are listening to a self help guru more than the Prophet and Apostle's talks, this can be a problem.

If your husband, home teacher, or Bishop is concerned and you blow him off without seriously pondering and praying over his concerns - this could be a problem.

The biggest question we must ask ourselves when pondering energy work is- if Christ, the scriptures and my Church leaders aren't enough for me.....why?

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