Thursday, April 17, 2014

Raising Heroes

One of my favorite blogs is Raising Homemakers. Until recently, I didn't have any homemakers to raise. God gave my husband and I three boys to start off our family. It had gotten to the point where I figured I just wouldn't have any girls at all and this began me thinking - what's the male equivalent to homemakers?

I thought of words and concepts like "arrows" or "workers" or "leaders" but none had the right zing to it. Now that the Lord has blessed me with not one but two homemakers, ironically I finally thought of an umbrella term that sums up the type of men I am trying to raise up for God...


I want to raise up heroes. Heroes for God, heroes for their wives, heroes for their children, heroes for their community.

I'm raising heroes.

Heroes walk with the Savior. Heroes lift others up. Heroes are hard workers. Heroes honor their parents, love their siblings and keep their hearts and minds pure for the day they will marry the woman God has for them. They will love that woman as Christ loved the church.

Heroes do not deny Christ, they feast daily upon the scriptures and to their wives and children they may as well have a cape on their shoulders as they strive righteously to provide, to love and to protect.

Heroes are trained - they are not born.

Proverbs 22:6

King James Version (KJV)
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

If you do not diligently train your hero everyday do not expect a hero to magically manifest when he turns 18 just as you wouldn't expect a girl to know the art of homemaking automatically at the age of 18 simply because she was born a female.

Sister Reeves spoke at the LDS General Conference a few weeks ago and she said that the ONLY things that MUST be done in a house daily are...

family prayer

family scripture study

and weekly family home evening

If you have done these things, your home is a success. Having the laundry neatly folded, having a perfect meal on the table - this is all icing on the cake. These are wonderful things to have, no doubt, but do not neglect the prayer, scripture study and family home evenings in an attempt to create a home that looks like a magazine cover.

This does not train heroes.

God's WORD trains heroes. Period.

Men who follow God's word aid in training heroes. Don't expect to leave a boy child with no righteous role models and have him figure it out on his own. That will produce mixed results at best. Fathers, uncles, cousins, brothers, Scout masters, neighbors, church brethren, etc. are needed to train heroes.

Train him to love God, to lean on God for everything.

Train him to love and respect his future wife by keeping his heart pure now.

Train him to love his future children by patiently loving his siblings.

Train him to work hard now by giving him work today! Don't let him grow soft! Train him to love work and to work to the glory of God!

Your man will lead his family but first, you, his mother, must lead him. Lead him to God. Lead him to be a hero! :)


  1. You do understand that boys can also be homemakers right?

  2. You take a poll and see how many boys want to be home makers.


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